NOTHING community

This is the NOTHING community. project in possibility. Come and join us for a chance to see and hear. For contributing to the NOTHING mission. Let's get rid of the ego-magnificence and open ourselves to the impossibility of "we".

Society is always evolving. Always evolving. The more you participate in, the more benefits and rewards you unlock.

board observer

Board monitor

A seat at the table. Each year our members select a representative to amplify the voice of the community at NOTHING Council meetings. The responsibility of the community council observer is to be a bridge between Sunni leaders and NOTHING supporters.



Discord is the home of our community. Join us for all the latest Nothing news, live calls with the team and exclusive giveaways. And of course, non-stop tech chat. This is also a place for collaboration, where we invite people to showcase their projects, pitch ideas, and contribute to our mission.



NOTHING's is the community's official Web3 project. THE NOTHING COMMUNITY DOTS ARE COINS DESIGNED FOR OUR PRIMARY SUPPORT. You can get it by contributing to the community. Private places open on our Discord server and provide a thriving community experience. Also available on the secondary market through OpenSea.