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Meet the new ear (1) black edition.

Meet the new ear (1) black edition.


If you’ve been on our website this week, you would have noticed a certain someone poking their head in and trying to steal the spotlight from our white mantis. Today, we reveal the reason.

Introducing the black edition of ear (1). We called it… ear (1) black. Surprise.

It’s moody, elegant and just as powerful.

Nothing ear (1) black edition is a whole mood. The case has a beautiful smoky finish, whilst keeping its distinctive transparency. And each earbud is totally black, from the matte silicone tip to the carbon-black stem. 

We kept everything else the same, from its cloud-like weight to the state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancellation. The pure sound you know hasn’t changed – we just gave it a mysterious new look.


For the latest release details, keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter in the upcoming days. If you want to follow us, there’s some pretty great content on there. Just saying.


The Nothing Team